Irrigation Tools

Our products are designed keeping in mind the size of farms, quality of water level, education, level of farmers and ease of installation and operation.
Our aim is to offer efficient irrigation tools to maximise crop production for example, growing more crop with the same or less amount of water. Our products are manufactured on the principle of water use efficiency which combines system, crop and agronomic aspects. Irrigation efficiency is the percentage of water that actually gets into the soil and is used by the crop, compared with the amount pumped into the system. In an efficiently operating, well-designed and well-managed pressurised sprinkler system, nearly all the water supplied will be used by the plant.
We offer our skilfully engineered products for micro irrigation systems that deliver best in class performance in the most challenging conditions. Our range of product covers Micro– Irrigation components. Irrigation Sprinklers, Filtration Equipment to cater to the needs of farmers and buyers across various price points.